Amok-la-table-khmereKhmer-style meals typically include a soup, a salad and a main dish made of fish, vegetables and rice. A typical sweet dish is sticky rice and fresh fruit. Naturally, due to its geographical location, fish is big here as is rice. Yet, it’s not unusual to see insect dishes on a menu. One of the most popular Cambodian dishes is Fish Amok, which is steamed fish mixed with coconut milk and curry paste and wrapped in banana leaves. Another daily favorite is Nom banh chok, or Khmer noodles, which is rice noodles served with a green fish gravy and heaped with fresh vegetables and herbs. A local favorite served for breakfast is Ka tieu Phnom Penh, a noodle soup in pork stock served with a variety of things including roasted duck, prawns or squid. Local and imported beers are popular all around the city while wine is only more common in tourist areas.